Project11UP Memorial 9/11 Sculptures

This video shows Sandra Priest as the sole artist for the Project 11up limited series of 17, sixteen thousand pound works of art sculptures made out of parts of the concrete slurry wall that surrounded the Original World Trade Center in New York City.

The slurry wall was the only thing left standing after 9/11. A section of that wall had to be cut out to bring in the new PATH subway hub that had to be built to bring in all visitors to the New Trade Center area. After over 100 pieces were recycled, there came a grass roots effort to save these few pieces for an artists touch.


Sandra Priest accepted that task as the only professional artist to be now in charge of this Project 11up, 9/11 memorial sculpture body of work. Please contact San so she can work with you so you can have one of these as your own Memorial. 239-269-5733

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